Some of the projects and companies I am or was involved in, in random order:

  1. SkyTrade - Co-Founder, a marketplace for low-altitude air-space and air rights
  2. The Risk Protocol - CTO, DeFi startup focused on tackling volatility risk in crypto assets
  3. JHELY Real-Estate Portal - Co-Founder, PropTech portal focused on LATAM markets
  4. Fr0ntierX - CTO, NFT-focused software house
  5. Espeo Blockchain - Head of Blockchain, FinTech software house
  6. Intelligent Payments (acquired by EVO Payments) - Technical Leader, Payments Gateway focused on serving big gambling and e-commerce clients
  7. CloseCross - CTO, DeFi, Financial Derivatives Trading Platform, First MiFID2 regulated crypto company (license obtained in Malta).
  8. - CTO, centralized crypto exchange
  9. NaviExpert - Early engineer, mobile navigation system for low-end mobile phones
  10. BCC - SAP Tech Consultant
  11. Firecrest (acquired by ICON) - Java Engineer, pharma
  12. Consileon - Tech Consultant, serving German financial institutions and banks
  13. Comarch - Technical Leader, software house, I was involved with insurance processes
  14. KillBill - IT Director, a tool to automatically optimize mobile phone bills
  15. Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa - IT Director, digital marketing consultant
  16. InBillo - Blockchain Consultant, debt trading platform
  17. MOBILE BOX - Mobile apps engineer
  18. O'CHIKARA - developed a desktop app for managing educational school
  19. Tontine Trust - Blockchain Consultant, life insurance
  20. Invactor - Blockchain Consultant, invoicing/remittance payments platform
  21. Estate Protocol - Blockchain Consultant, RWA, fractional real estate investments

Some more details can be found in my CV.